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future innovative EXRobotix

EXRobotix.com is the home of the Artificial Intelligence Robots.


Creativity is essential for the production of the AI Robot. We aim to provide the most beautiful realistic robots in the world.


Innovation is our priority when choosing our robotic products. We aim to bring the most advanced robots to the forefront of the robotic rental and sales markets.


We ensure that our robots contain technology not just for the present but also for the future. We offer the most technologically advanced products to you.

AI is present, not future

Integrate Robotics into your Present

Our Services

1. Robot Sales
2. Robot Rentals
3. Robot Programming
4. Robot Service

5. Robotic Installations
6. Robotic Integration
7. Robot Maintenance
8. Bespoke Robotic Services

A Host for your Event

At EXRobotix we can provide a fully programmed host for your event. Stand out from the crowd with your Robotic Host with Artificial Intelligence functionality.

About us

We have been working alongside the robotic manufacturer in China for seven years who have developed the AI Robot with full artificial intelligence incorporated.

These robots have been manufactured for many purposes and all of which mean they can fully integrate into your business requirement.

We are robotic experts: offering sales, rentals, business hospitality integrations. All bespoke to your exacting requirements.

What our Robots can be used for...

Welcome Robots

Our Robots can welcome your guests or customers in a friendly and unforgettable way. Programming the greeting or allowing general conversation with the AI.


Hospitality Robots

Robots can be used in many sectors and our hospitality robots can do many things for your business. Giving information, customer engagement, meet and greet, speech giving are all features of our robots.


Service Robots

Service robots automate many different tasks in diverse applications, but the benefits they bring are typically the same. Regardless of industry, businesses choose to automate processes for the same reasons: safety, efficiency and productivity.

Robot Features

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 60 Language Integration
  • After Dinner Speaker
  • Free Movement
  • Programmable Robot
  • Talking point for Clients
  • Brand Awareness
  • Human Appearance
  • Task Automation
  • Real Human Style Interaction
  • Mimic Human motion
  • Real Touch Skin